Jieluote came back ” koradji ” brand-new adapt caricature to remove serialize now

Does the legend that misses Liweiya hunting is the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces of demon hunt an outstanding personality special? The player has an opportunity to be able to see his elegant demeanour again now. Adapt from ” koradji (The Witcher) ” the series game, cartoon that makes by Dark Horse ” koradji: Flesh and blood and intense blaze (The Witcher: Of Flesh And Flame, interpret of of short duration) ” had been in today (20) day comes on stage. In the story, jieluote will settle the mystery group of backside of some old friend again. The playwrite of caricature is Aleksandra Motyka, plot is Marianna Strychowska. A total of the 1st order 32 pages, gross meeting includes 4 paragraphic. The another writer Paul Tobin in Dark Horse is previous also Xuan has been made ” koradji ” the other caricature of series, for example ” vitreous house (House Of Glass) ” , ” of the fox child (Fox Children) ” , ” homicide an eccentric person (Killing Monsters) ” etc. Jieluote this year also is to invite make an appointment with ceaseless very busy. It is to be in first ” incorporeal ability 6 ” in gues-star leave factory, be about to land certainly again subsequently ” hunter of an eccentric person: The world ” join chase.