AI algorithm shined foreign player releases ” antediluvian reel 3: Morning breeze ” grain enhances MOD

Foreign MOD producer released ” antediluvian reel 3: Morning breeze ” grain enhances MOD, this producer used a name to be ” increase model exceed resolution to build antagonism network ” new technology, this technology can the picture inferior quality is reductive the picture that becomes high quality, make detail more rich. Download address: Click enter MOD producer to express, this MOD can yield game picture stick a graph more clear and keen, the development as AI and gain ground, the means that exceeds resolution technology to also begin to pass deepness study will come true, and need not MOD producer is chosen afresh, reduced development difficulty greatly. To the player, this MOD is to let ” antediluvian reel 3 ” conform the main tool with current game qualitative picture, the player can install the game check scheme after this MOD below appreciation.