Swimsuit of clear pure white is added give! PS4 love swims newly ” LoveR ” the line on lovely girl

The love below banner of horny plain game swims newly ” LoveR ” official today on March 14 put on sale, the player that proceed with makes originally will be met obtain riddance cost increase DLC ” white swimsuit ” , originally Qing Chun’s girls change more but person. · ” LoveR ” it is to mark classical love game ” true language love thing ” put on sale 22 years make newly, this making collected the puissant battle array that make likewise, no matter draw wind or the plot of a play strive achieves amative game new surveyor’s pole. · compared with other bosom implement game, make apparent key differ somewhat originally, the look that wears the girl of trailing plants Li of gym outfit and swimsuit to bring shame of green acerbity be ashamed slightly coordinates group of game of love of it may be said of normal proportional figure a cool breeze, expect to issue the love with Li of black acerbity trailing plants together. · ” LoveR ” the person sets the equipment that draw wind to suffer a player to praise, having each girl that makes originally for the god greatly compared with eye of girl of other love game is simple sense goddess simply, explanation of temperament of charming be ashamed does not have involuntary discharge of urine, regard put on sale as souvenir, the player can obtain riddance cost increase DLC ” white swimsuit ” , interested young associate can be not missed.