The page swims gas number already used up: Zynga sells headquarters building price is worth than appraise tall still

A lot of people once earned a lot of money by right of inferior Facebook game, and Zynga is among them one of. Geomantic turn by turns, this be the rage is rich in former days but the enterprise of enemy state, the 670 thousand square that selling downtown of the san Francisco below the banner in the consideration at present foot headquarters.

Zynga bought this large building with the price of 228 million dollar 2012, with the price at that time for opposite material benefit. The price with current office building of san Francisco area is every square foot more than 800 dollars, it is at that time almost Zynga buys the price 2.5 times at present work off price will be 570 million dollar. In addition, the hire of an average single person boarding house is 2400 dollars every months, to this year still can rise before the end of the year 10.5% .

As to Zynga company itself, although at hand is having ready money of 1.5 billion dollar, but the market value 3 years ago wants under 750 million dollar, it is to drop to 500 million more at present, lower than house property price.

Zynga2011 year make public collect first share price is every 10 dollars, have 2.55 dollars only at present. Look join Xbox department before was in charge of Tangmatelike to also do not save Zynga.