” knife tower legend ” with blizzard reconcile more the name is ” little romance glacial ice “

The hand swims below banner of dragon plan play ” knife tower legend ” announcement is issued in government-owned net now, say to already amounted to didymous both sides with blizzard, Valve all advantageous solution, prospective general more the name is ” little romance glacial ice ” .

” knife tower legend ” issue just express, this game is in will release afresh after the name more, can go up afresh an App Store. Afterwards and ” assassin credo ” after the respect reachs collaboration, ” knife tower legend ” with ” Aoteman ” also reached original accredit to cooperate, enlighten Aoteman will become Jia the part in prospective game.

On March 23, 2015, blizzard sue in Taipei place court ” knife tower legend ” encroach ” demon animal world ” and ” demon animal contend for hegemony ” copyright and brand. Of the same age in May, group of black of power Er of Valve of DOTA2 development business (the United States) sue in order to encroach copyright, trade mark right and unfair competition ” knife tower legend ” development operation Shang Zhongqing company of He Lili silk of Long Tu company.

Face the prosecution of blizzard, Valve, ” knife tower legend ” the government was in on September 22, 2015 forum, stick and announcement is issued inside game, say ” knife tower legend ” won’t suspend operation. Respect of Li Li silk also updated one edition game accordingly, undertook modification to game content.

By 2015, american court rejected blizzard and Valve to concern the lawsuit of tort dispute to request to Li Li silk and UCool because of evidential inadequacy. Exacter wording is blizzard and Valve did not provide enough evidence, prove the view of their copyright. Nevertheless, blizzard and Valve still express to will press lawsuit of tort of knife tower legend, anything but be irresolute when firmness is needed.