” boxing emperor 14 ” appreciation of prevue of hungry wolf team does not know igneous dance male friend to come on stage

SNK released a banner to fall to be made newly before this ” boxing emperor 14 ” Japanese team and prevue of 8 looks line, rolled out brand-new hungry wolf team again recently premonitory, 3 among them parts are to come from ” hungry wolf is fabulous ” character.

What come on stage above all is Teruibojiade, he joins fistfight world is to give foster father Jeff Bo Jiade pay, jeff is murdered by evil Jisihuohuade, special luck always is energy dye-in-the-wood, be happy to help a person, he is the old hero in Southtown child eye. What appear later is special lucky little brother, andibojiade, with special luck is same, it is the nursling with Jeff foster place, after Jeff be murdered, head for Japanese study not to know igneous shedding to bear art, have and knowing igneous dance is sweethearts relation. Finally is east a unit of length, he left birthplace Japan to learn peaceful fist as a child, be happy he of enterprising is searching a challenge all the time, until Bo Jiade’s brother was encountered in Southtown, their friendship wherefrom lasted old.

” boxing emperor 14 ” will on August 25 put on sale, PS4 platform is exclusive, come in the fistfight that 50 parts participated in this, include campaign mode, right battle mode and gallery mode.