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Article introduction

Should arrive annual the Mid-autumn Festival when, various moon cake can hold the market, everybody is having different taste, there also is different demand to moon cake stuffing when choosing moon cake, currant moon cake is a kind of moon cake that popularity of the last few years rises, see a name knew currant moon cake to join currant between moon cake stuffing namely, can feel the sweet taste that currant of a silk brings when eating moon cake so.

Stuffing of currant moon cake

Stuffing of currant moon cake

Feed capable person:

Medium muscle flour

700 grams, change syrup 250 grams, alkaline 1 small spoon, salad oil stuffing of right amount, sweetened bean taste 400 grams, currant right amount, earthnut breaks

Right amount, La Mei does right amount, rose to do right amount, honey right amount, flour 200 grams.

The measure that make:

1.Currant and La Mei work to dissection, cobnut benevolence, raw material is put in a container, the rose is least, earthnut breaks with currant La Mei does 1:1, also can join other dried fruit, put had fried small yellow 200 grams flour, put sweetened bean taste, join right amount honey smooth, adding the flour that has fried is to make stuffing of sweetened bean taste good wrap, change syrup to join (alkaline face of 1 small spoon) buck, 700 grams flour is put after mix of 50 G salad oil is even, cut 34 even doses child, stuffing makings and agent child had cut, the group reserves into the circle, stuffing makings has bit of touch with one’s hand.

2.Fried flour won’t be touched on have a hand in, portfolio good stuffing expects, can press moon cake with the mould, perfect mid-autumn moon cake, oven fluctuates on 200 degrees. Put among bake make 15 minutes, take cool 15 minutes, brush egg fluid, baking 5-10 minute, according to him oven, waited for an oil to be able to eat.

Stuffing of currant moon cake

The characteristic of moon cake and have a way

Extensive pattern moon cake

Extensive pattern moon cake is the variety that sells at most on market at present, its taste has saltyLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

Love Shanghai is the same as a city
Sweet two kinds, stuffing material is rich. Have most representative is stuffing of yoke lotus Chengdu, jujube paste stuffing and moon cake of stuffing of sweetened bean taste. Fan Zhigong introduces, moon cake of jujube paste stuffing is opposite1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai
Health is compared for, the candy cent that its add is not much, jujube itself has taller nutrition and sweet degree. But also cannot edible is too much, lest accentuate burden of intestines and stomach, cause abdominal distension. Although moon cake of yoke lotus Chengdu is delicate, but cholesterol and quantity of heat are very high, the patient that has fat of cholecystitis, tall blood is unfavorable edible, lest cause paroxysmal disease.

Sushi moon cake

New love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

Shanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

Shanghai of short for Zhejiang Province of main and popular Yu Jiang brings Su Shiyue cake, its are main the characteristic is with lardy wait with bacon for burden, adipose content is higher. Fan Zhigong reminds, if with Su Shiyue cake is cake, prandial cooking means should be done adjustForum of Shanghai night net

Shanghai night net
, had better boil with evaporate give priority to, for example, fish replaces braise in soy sauce with boiled in clear soup, the oil when the fried dish wants to be put less, should reduce the meat accordingly at the same time kind dish is tasted. The crowd with tall, high blood pressure had better not eat hematic fat.

Beijing type moon cake

Characteristic of Beijing type moon cake is Qing Dynasty of heavy sesame oil, taste sweet, with born red, self-invited Bai Wei main breed, stuffing makings contains a lot ofthe nut such as rock candy and walnutmeat, melon seeds, earthnut. Fan Zhigong says, cent of candy of Beijing type moon cake and oil are inferior, and the not saturated fatty acid that stuffing expects medium nut contains a large number of bodies to need, opposite for, it is the moon cake with nutrient tall, better to health value.

Stuffing of currant moon cake

Moon cake of type of another name for Yunnan Province

Moon cake of type of another name for Yunnan Province belongs to department of dish of another name for Yunnan Province, area of main and popular Yu Yunna, it is a delegate with cloud leg moon cake and flower moon cake. Fan Zhigong says, brightShanghai night net

A falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city
Beautiful moon cake although gust delightful, taste is distinctive, but it is the mug-up that contains a lot oftall saturated fatty acid however, among them adipose content can amount to 20%~30% , and protein content is inferior, nutrient class status is not high. The edible such as the rose is spent kind although certain hairdressing raises Yan Gong effect, but a few moon cake eat during the festival, can not have too big effect.

New-style moon cake

The moon cake taste on market is diversiform now, the means that make innovates ceaselessly, for example, moon cake glacial a skin, ice-cream moon cake, abalone taste moon cake. As the promotion of healthy concept, some closer year begin moon cake of popular food grains other than wheat and rice. Moon cake of food grains other than wheat and rice wait with oaten, violet potato, unpolished rice for raw material, stuffing has the vegetable such as turnip doing, Mei Cai doing inside, and the dried meat floss such as beef, hotpot, not sweet not oily, mouthfeel is relaxed. This kind of moon cake not onlyShanghai night net

A falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city
Fraction of quantity of heat, candy is small, and contain a lot ofprandial fiber, beneficial to alvine path, proposal old people, children can choose moon cake of food grains other than wheat and rice.