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The fish is a kind of pork that a lot of people like to eat kind food, also be one kind is oppositeShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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At the food with human body particularly good health. Of course, if the fish did not receive the sentence of appropriate processing, in cooking when, be the problem such as fishy smell of meeting occurrence ground, and the taste that earthy fishy smell of the fish also can give a fish is brought reach its adverse effect. So, how OK very good give purify fishlike smell? flavour everybody recommends a few kinds of methods below.

 Earthy fishy smell of the fish how purify

1, some rivers fish has earthy fishy smell, the influence when boil tastes. But first piscine analyse abdomen abluent, in park cold water, vinegar drips again in water, or put a few pepper or bay leaf, next again fire, earthy fishy smell disappeared.

2, river fish has slimy taste, in can putting the fish in brine first, be cleaned or use saline fine rub, can purify peculiar smell.

3, can use half salt and 5 jins of water, it is live fish bubble when brine, brine carries blood of two branchial immerge, after a hour, earthy fishy smell can disappear. If be dead fish, put in the bubble in brine two hours, also but fishy smell of take out earth.

 Earthy fishy smell of the fish how purify

4, river fish analyse after abdomen is abluent, put in cold water, enter in past water again a few vinegar and pepper, the river fish after such processing, did not have earthy fishy smell.

5, after piscine analyse abdomen is abluent, bloat with claret, the tan in wine reachs fragrance to be able to eliminate fishy smell character.

6, when butcher fish, can rinse piscine blood clean as far as possible, the rejoin when cook the condiment such as green, ginger, garlic, earthy fishy smell is basically OK purify.

7, when machining a carp, in carp back two side have a white veins that stand out under the skin each, it is the stuff that creates special the smell of fish. When analyse fish, in rely on branchial place to pull a sip of, white veins that stand out under the skin is shown came out, clip with forceps, exert oneself to do sth. gently, can smoke, Shanghai 1000Love Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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There is fishy smell when cooking.

8, before scamper fish, moment immerses in putting the fish in milk first, already can eliminate fishy smell, can add bright flavor again.

9, when scamper makes river fish, immerse the fish in rice wine first, wrap flour to enter boiler blast again next, but fishy smell of take out earth.

10, the fish with steamed bigger fishy smell, bloat with beer be soiled 10 ~ 15 minutes, ripe hind not only fishy smell is decreased greatly, and flavour is approximate crab.

 Earthy fishy smell of the fish how purify

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When processing a fish, the meeting on the hand has fishy smell. 1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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If use a few toothpaste or liquor to wash one’s hands, reoccupy water is cleaned, fishy smell can take out.

Analyse fish when, do not take care a gall bladder break this is common thing. Bile polluted cruelly oppress, make the flesh is contained acrid, veryNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Not delicious. Defeated gall bladder smooth bathe to be in charge of not quite with, you can be solved with soda ash. Specific means is, rinse the fish clean with cold water first, wash bravery water yellow place white. Scatter bit of soda ash again, just a minute, reoccupy water is strong clean. If biliary pollution area is large, can put the fish to moment of the bubble in fluid of rare soda ash, next again abluent, bitterSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Flavour can be eliminated.