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In the process of salad of the fruit that make, the fruit that everybody can like to eat according to oneself will put different fruit. And basically major personNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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In salad of the fruit that make when can make one grail, this also brought about fruit salad not to eat for a short while directly, refuse appear again too too regrettablly. Because this saves fruit salad to appear at that timeForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Very important, so how long can be fruit salad saved probably?

 Fruit salad can be put how long

Fruit salad can be put how long

Because abstain salad sauce to did not add antiseptic, but if if do not eat,be over, want sealed good, if putting freezer to refrigerate, still can save probably 2 days.

And outside the salad sauce that sell, if did not unseal, it is 18 months left and right sides commonly. But if unseal, must put in freezer to undertake cold storage, must not refrigerant, dark reddish purple can save above of half an year.

If salad sauce is degenerative if, general meeting begins to appear from the surface mildewy phenomenon, just begin metamorphism next. If discover salad sauce surface did not become moldy, still can use namely.

Fruit salad is OK of the previous night

Had better not of the previous night, although be put into freezer to be able to not last completely, and, if let off the word of the previous night of salad sauce to eat meeting influence mouthfeel, still1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Can cause diarrhoea easily, should avoid to take of the previous night as far as possible so.

Had better be to be done now eat now, if do not eat, the moisture in doing not have a fruit a little while can make salad becomes rare, can such thing still have nutrition.

Delicious reduce weight again fruit salad is recommended

Sweet salad of 4 kinds of fruit

Material: CherrySh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

Shanghai Long Feng forum
, female fruit of grape, litchi, emperor each 5, sauce of lemon juice, salad is right amount.

Practice: cherry, grape, emperor female fruit is cleaned clean respectively, litchi decorticates go nucleus, with salad sauce tone mixes even, add lemon juice finally.

Effect: Cherry has very high officinal value, can aperient; grape can help Wen Chang litchi of the hepatic; that discharge poison not only can fill kidney, the height that the lemon of trash metabolization; that still can quicken a kidney contains is alkalescent ameliorable blood circulates, eliminate lung toxin.

 Fruit salad can be put how long

Malic cherry salad

Raw material: Apple, cherry, pineapple, yangtao

Practice: Go to malic flay nucleus, wash clean, cut small, put into brine to immerse a few minutes, fish out drop does water to reserve. pineapple flay, cut small, also put immerse 15 minutes in brine, again fish out drop does water, yangtao flay cuts small, cherry is washed clean reserve. Put apple, cherry, pineapple and yangtao into big bowl in, drench honey mixes divide evenly can.

Effect: This yangtao salad is OK clear bowel is raised colour, effective help reduces weight, it is to reduce weightLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Eat surely during oh!

Banana grape salad

Material: Banana, grape, carambola, yangtao, strawberry

Practice: Cut banana flay thick piece, the grape is rinsed clean with clear water, carambola is washed clean cut man, strawberry is washed clean cut two half, yangtao flay cuts man. Put all fruits into big bowl in, put yoghurt again, when eating, mix divide evenly can.

Effect: Salad of this banana grape has the effect with embellish aperient bowel, and V of OK still and compensatory vitamin, C, reducing weight while, still can make skin become bouncier.

Salad of strawberry fresh fruit

Material: Strawberry a certain number of, apple, banana, yoghurt a cup, honey is right amount.

Practice: strawberry, apple abluent stripping and slicing, banana cuts paragraphs small, mix with yoghurt, join right amount honey.

 Fruit salad can be put how long

Effect: Contain inside strawberry and apple many and pectic, banana of; of OK and clean intestines and stomach but embellish bowel is aperient, honey of; of auxiliary to treating constipation to have action and yoghurt are to discharge poison to raise more colour beautiful is tasted.

Orange apple salad

DoShanghai noble baby

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Law: Wash malic flay clean, cut husky man, immerse ten minutes with brine, again fish out drop does water, can prevent malic oxidation to become angry so. orange flay valve agglomerate, strawberry and cherry are washed clean, strawberry dissections two half, lemon is washed clean, section. Put apple, orange, cherry and strawberry into vitreous bowl in, rejoin yoghurt, lemon is placed in bowl edge piece outfit can.

Effect: Salad of this orange apple has the first-rate effect that discharge poison, can help remove element of the many pernicious influence inside body, achieve the goal that reduce weight thereby.