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The egg is one of solidder nutrient food in daily life, it contains a lot ofrich protein to follow cholesterol. Although the egg has hard crust to do protection, but the egg also has the expiration period, edible egg also should be inside its deadline, eat degenerative egg by accident otherwise, can cause diarrhoea, allergic symptom. The change with common in daily life egg becomes green namely, at this moment, everybody need not worry too, this is a normal phenomenon. Is hair of specific introduction egg green can you still eat?

Egg hair is green can still eat

Actually, after the egg is boiled through high temperature water, egg white can produce hot sex to change. Sulfur element is contained in egg white, after be heated, sulfur element can follow hydrogenous element union to be able to produce a kind of gas — vulcanization hydrogen, release from inside egg Qing Dynasty slowly, also be alleged ” smelly egg ” flavour.

And iron element is contained in yoke, whenShanghai Long Feng forum

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When vulcanization hydrogen encounters yoke, meet with yoke medium iron element produces reaction, form vulcanization ferrous wrap up to be in vitelline is outer. Vulcanization ferrous is the material of a kind of celadon, because this yoke had one the layer is virescent.

Egg hair is green can still eat

Actually, the egg is boiled long becoming green is a kind of normal phenomenon actually, what can be endangered to human body health, but in the process that cooks an egg, because protein is decomposed ceaselessly, cause prediction of a person’s luck in a given year of many nutrition material, although do not affect edible, but from nutrient angle, the loss outweights the gain.

Still have a kind of egg that is green directly, , this is egg of green carapace black. Green, nutrition, black of healthy box of gift of egg of green carapace black is the optimal gift that you present relatives and friends1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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. Chorion of green carapace egg is natural viridescence color (emerald green) , and the effect that does not suffer pigment, additive and environmental change.

Egg hair is green can still eat

Green egg can improve the symptom such as pregnancy inappetence, dyspeptic, disgusting vomiting effectively, improve Morpheus quality, alimentation of promotional pregnant woman, promote fetal health to grow. Promote postpartum restoreForum of Shanghai night net

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