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Article introduction

The body of the patient after changing cure is frailer, often inappetence, for can better help patient restores, raise the food of tall nutrition, high protein to the patient in the meeting on food commonly, can make sure the basic physiology of the patient’s airframe needs so, manage the normal case of the patient’s body, conduce toForum of Shanghai night net

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Repair changes cure to bring loss to the body, so, what does cookbook of the patient that change cure have?

In the 3 eat cookbook during changing cure, had better contain fleshy egg to suckle kind, corn and fruit vegetable, what make is reasonable and tie-in. The patient cannot take food too little, want to have certain dietary quality, make sure energy is mixed water; does not want blind avoid certain food, in order to prevent cookbook tooFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Narrow. Of course, even exquisite to 3 food food color, sweet, flavour and digest easily, the taste; that should suit a patient as far as possible should eat much food less, if need, one day eats 56 eat to also had been not been.

If the patient is in,a few common enteron symptoms appear during changing cure, might as well proper recuperation does in dietary respect:

(1) disgusting vomiting adjusts food appropriately structure and eat a method, eat much food less for example, when taking food, do not want to water too much, avoid to eat sweetmeat, deepfry or too temperature of stodge; food wants proper, had avoided to iron or cross cool; sufficient mastication to wait.

(2) anorexia changes cure medicaments to may make the patient feels disgusting, full bilge, deglutition ache, appear then anorexia. To this, want to let the value that during the patient knows to change cure, eats above all, using feed much food method less while can be in eat ongoing travel to take a walk wait for an activity, with stomachic. NextShanghai Long Feng forum

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, thinking any eating time should satisfy the patient’s requirement as far as possible, can compensate the inadequacy that 3 eat eat the patient so.

(3) taste changes metabolic cure medicaments to be able to change the patient’s taste, accordingly, right amount fruit juice, sauce can be put when cook carnivorousForum of Shanghai noble baby

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The dressing such as oily, wine, in order to improve the mouthfeel of carnivorous. If take food too little, should the food that special attention gives tall nutrition part.

(If 4) diarrhoea is changed diarrhoea appears during cure, should eat much food less, eat some more delicately as far as possible, do not drink milk temporarily, avoid to eat super-cooling, overheat or excitant food at the same time. Diarrhoea can lose potassium and moisture, should complement so the food that contains potassium to abound, wait like banana, orange, tomato, return what should keep enough to water quantity. When the illness begins to improve, can increase graduallyFall in love with the sea

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Digestible food is measured.

(Because 5) constipation changes cure, used especially certain stop after spitting medicine, the patient often appears constipation, and constipation may be aggravating disgusting, anorexiaShanghai noble baby

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Wait for a symptom, accordingly, the patient should maintain defecate unobstructed, water more, eat vegetable and fruit more, attend to take exercise appropriately, in order to prevent costive happening.