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Article introduction

In the life, a lot of people have the habit that drinks yoghurt, parental classics regular meeting drinks yoghurt to dot, because everybody knows, rich lactobacillus is contained inside yoghurt, lactobacillus can activation intestines and stomach digests a function, can promote not only digest, still can prevent a variety of enteron diseases, actually, zhi person and yoghurt are more adjacent, also contain lactobacillus, the cate that recommends today is bowel of Zhi person cod, the practice of this cate is as follows.

How is bowel of Zhi person cod done?

The practice of bowel of Zhi person cod:

With makings

Cod 160 overcome

Corn 1 piece

Love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

Love Shanghai is the same as city forum

Zhi person 1

Lemon 1

Jade rice starch is right amount

How is bowel of Zhi person cod done?

Practice measure

1, 1. Get ready feed capable person, the cod takes defrost from freezer ahead of schedule.

2, 2. Corn is put into boiler to thoroughly cook.

3, 3. Cod flay goes bone section, citric section bloats 15 minutes or so on the lid.

4, 4. After corn is thoroughlied cook, Fall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum
The flay after denude of a bead.

5, 5. Forum of baby of new Shanghai noble

Shanghai noble baby communicates an area
Zhi person rips flake, the cod, zhi person, starch is put into arrange machine to be hit into mud.

6, 6. Put cod mashed vegetable or fruit into back up beautiful bag1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

Love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch
, a pot for steaming food does water.

7, 7. Tinfoil paper paper cuts flake into parts, back up beautiful bag cuts about 1.5 centimeters mouth. To prevent cod flesh to stick, a walnut oil can be brushed on tinfoil paper paper.

Shanghai noble baby

Forum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

8, 8. Squeeze cod mud on tinfoil paper paper, remove tinfoil paper scroll, bicephalous knot puts evaporate dish.

9, 9. When the steam on a pot for steaming food when, put evaporate dish, evaporate is controlled 30 minutes.

10, 10. Wait for cod bowel to put cool hind, paper of eliminate tinfoil paper can feed darling to eat.

Xiao stick person

A. The distance that gives head remaining part must keep when squeezing cod mud, otherwise knot when squeeze cod mud easily come out. B. Starch does not suggest to put too much, make the bowel that come so, the feeling resembles taking starch, piscine mud wants to do not have only on dosage too inattentive good.

The practice of cod bowel measure

1. flay goes bone

2. stripping and slicing, add dried small shrimps, put arrange machine to make mashed vegetable or fruit

3. adds the egg, amylaceous, cashew that is hit into pink ahead of schedule, soy, toward a direction exert all one’s strength agitate

Mud of 4. cruelly oppress is put last bag, squeeze on the tinfoil with good cut out unwanted material, freezer compartment is put after package is nice refrigerant a hour or so, can go up boiler evaporate.

The practice of cod bowel:


Feed capable person: Cod (pure flesh) 200 grams, egg white 1, amylaceous 20 grams1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai


The cod cuts man, become mud with agitate of an egg white.

>> after the cod is washed clean, wipe moisture, can disturb rare finally consistency otherwise.

How is bowel of Zhi person cod done?


Drop a few cooking wine, join divide evenly of agitate of 20 grams starch. Agitate hits 2 minutes, finished product will be fluffy a lot of more loose, of course if do not like excessive and fleeciness mouthfeel, did not want agitate to hit.

>> want to do " cod Zhi person bowel " , should put Zhi person / the word of cheese, here can be put, do not affect other the volume that feeds capable person.


Put back up beautiful bag.


Tinfoil has cut a paragraph a paragraph, squeeze cod mud toward tinfoil.

>> cod mud slants rare, not be very stiff. This is measured with size of gallinaceous egg white, starch relevant. Do what do not do for the first time too rare, do not be afraid of figuration, but amylaceous and too much meeting is not delicious. The egg is not chosen too big.


Wrap rise, two end screw.


Put evaporate of the boiler on the cold water in boiler 15 minutes.


Finished product has like cake each alveolus hole, also be very loose mouthfeel.