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Freezer became every every a necessary electric home appliances<gj, because of freezer not only OK and refrigerant food still can be achieved to food last the effect. Grow when darling after due month, parents can choose milk powder to have raise to darling to them, because have milk powder ability only at that time,place of body of quite compensatory darling needs nutrition. In the parent in the course that gives darling feed powdered milk special fear milk powder will be degenerative expire, can be so milk powder put into freezer to save?

 Can infantile milk powder put freezer
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Can milk powder put freezer

1, after milk powder unseals, unfavorable in depositing freezer, because the difference in temperature of freezer inside and outside and humidity difference cause deliquescence of infantile milk powder easily, the lid tightens plastic lid or plunge into park of close bag mouth to avoid smooth, shady and cool, dry place can;

2, milk powder opens bag hind, had better put at the; inside clean milk powder canisterShanghai Long Feng forum

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3, canister of clean milk powder not bathe, maintain dry;

4, the regulation that use time should follow after milk powder unseals, after unsealing, exceed should discard in January need not;

5, of mount of bag of infantile milk powder keeping qualitative date is the date when did not unseal and saving a requirement suitably, once unsealShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Hind, cannot use this date.

6. is not put in the sun to bask inForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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The place that reach is OK, and should seal bag mouth rise. The time that can use so is relatively a few longer.

7. suffers pollution and metamorphism to avoid milk powder, after milk powder unseals in saving a process, in should avoiding to expose the environment in as direct as air contact, best vacuum is saved. Vacuum stores can last very well.

 Can infantile milk powder put freezer

The production methods of milk powder

Some designs are use vacuum evaporator, enrich milk cake record first, next some of; of again dry milling is designed is to will be passed preliminary on the platen that the milk booth after condensing is heatingForum of Shanghai noble baby

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, the pink of the thin recycle that suckle film that denude bake in a pan becomes is waited a moment. But best milk powder makes a method is the sparge method that American handkerchief invented 1877 on the west. This kind of method is first1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Condense milk vacuum the 1/4 to former bulk, become condense breast, arrive with mist account in season next in hothouse of airy having heat, dehydration hind makes noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch, again fast and cooling sift out, can pack be finished product. Law of this one party still by continue to use. Its birth drove milk powder manufacturing industry to be in the great progress at the beginning of 20 centuries.

 Can infantile milk powder put freezer

The recipe of infantile milk powder and craft are the most exquisite, add acid of lactose, DHA, nucleotide (or the active ingredient such as RNA) , the consideration approachs the part that the mother breeds as far as possible, milk powder of market main trend distributes the milk powder that it is an ox and ovine powdered milk nowadays.